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Art Products




Sidewalk 3D

Apple/MAC version 1.11 now available with the same features as new Windows version 1.11!
NEW! Windows version 1.11 with Print-to-Size feature for making posters
Create huge optical illusions on sidewalks/floors using chalk, paint or other media. BSAsidewalk3D prints anamorphic images in grids for easy transfer to the surface of your choice. Creates flat, unprojected grids too for normal mural work.
• load your digital image into BSAsidewalk3D
• set the desired size & viewpoint
• print the projection grid
• use the grid to apply the projection to the target surface

• the image to the right is a photo taken from the optimal viewpoint showing the 3D illusion. The Rubik's cube is actually a flat image on the floor. (The boy standing on the image is real.)

Educational Products


BSA Fraction Buddy -- Windows version 1.01
A tool for kids learning to calculate with fractions.

Evaluate arithmetic expressions with integers, fractions and/or mixed numbers. Enter your own expressions, or let BSAfractionBuddy generate random expressions to help you practice your math skills.

• display step-by-step solutions for evaluating expressions
• choose the operations you want to practice with - add, subtract, multiply and/or divide
• choose integers and/or fractions and/or mixed numbers
• simple or complex expressions

Products for Windows Poser 6 and later

A morphing newspaper character that can be configured many ways:

• add as many pages as you like
• apply your own image maps
• open/close the pages
• twist/crease the pages
• dogear the pages, and more

• compatible with Poser 6 and later

Java products for all Windows, Mac OSX, Linux systems

Utility to keep track of arrival times of library books placed on hold
--- It's FREE!

• tracks up to 20 books

• estimates when books will be available on the hold shelf

• graph shows visual progress of books
• facilitates spacing of books to prevent bunchs showing up at once