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Forbidden Vegetables cover

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Forbidden Vegetables
graphic novel

Hugo the Carrot Boy, a sideshow freak, part human, part carrot, longs to know how he got that way.  Based on a clue in a magazine article, Hugo and his venal sidekick Balthazar, the World’s Mightiest Dwarf, trek to Lake Shore University to confront the truth and perhaps profit from it.

At Lake Shore University, Julian Potkin, a fierce anti-technology crusader, plans a rally to protest genetic engineering going on at the university.  Enter professors Timothy Legend and Alix Fitzsimmons, who would like nothing better than to sabotage Potkin’s rally for the pure fun of it.

Complicating things is the arrival on campus of movie star Goldie Hart – dubbed by some the “World’s Sexiest Woman” – with her own mysterious interest in genetic engineering.

Murder ensues, followed by more murder and chaos, with Timothy and Alix at the center as usual. 

Bare Bear cover

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The Bare Bear

A collection of homonym picture puzzles.

Each picture suggests a pair of words and/or
phrases that sound alike but have different meanings.
For example, the title picture shows a bear without
fur. He is a "bare" "bear".

Sugar Maples

Sugar Maples can be read on a Nook, Kindle, iPad, Palm or other e-reader, or online on your computer (or you can print it out). Hurry and get your copy while the infinite number of copies lasts.

Consigned to a nursing home whose elderly, frail residents are disrespected and mistreated by staff and terrorized by neighborhood toughs, a retired military man decides he isn't going to take it any more. Then, when an ailing ex-convict, a sophisticated con man with nothing to lose, joins the home, the stage is set for sweet revenge, as well as a last chance at romance.


"Nano," the 2nd Timothy and Alix gonzo science mystery, is available as an ebook at Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other online booksellers. It can be read on a Nook, Kindle, iPad, Palm or other e-reader, or online on your computer (or you can print it out). Hurry and get your copy while the infinite number of copies lasts.

Timothy and Alix , the maverick Lake Shore University faculty duo, stumble onto a murder after purchasing a Vintage Barbie doll at a yard sale. Things go from bad to worse when the doll turns out to be one of dozens of copies growing in the victim's back yard, and mysterious creatures suddenly begin tearing up the university campus. With the help of Weisenheimer, Timothy's world-class artificial intelligence network, the two academics must stay ahead of an environmentally conscious mafia boss, who turns out to be the murder victim's brother-in-law, and a secret government organization, if they expect to uncover the truth.

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(within continental United States)


Two Jungian psychoanalysts in the Lake Shore University clinical psychology department are working on a secret project when one of them, Dr. Templeton, begins to suspect that something sinister is going on. Before he can confirm his suspicions, he is murdered by none other than the venerable dean of students in front of 2000 witnesses at the annual freshman orientation assembly. Contradicting all of these witnesses, including the maverick faculty duo Timothy Legend and Alix Fitzsimmons, the dean claims he is innocent. Soon more Jungians are murdered, and it becomes clear that someone is combining the techniques of lucid dreaming with the properties of the Jungian model of the human psyche in order to control minds. Timothy and Alix are plunged into the bizarre and impossible world of Carl Jung's "collective unconscious" where, with the help of the Weisenheimer artificial intelligence project, they must either defeat the culprit or become the next victims.