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Windows Utilities

Extremely easy to use screen capture utility. Print captured area images to any printer, save to any of several file formats or save to the Windows clipboard in either image or HTML format.

And ...

A small virtual timer that sits on your desktop. Alarms and flashes when it times out. Can be set from 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes. Will remind you to get up and stretch to avoid blood clots.

And ...

Simple utility to manage lists of files:

• display list of files in a folder
• display filtered list of files
• sort displayed list
• print selected file list
• copy selected file list to clipboard
• rename single or selected group of files

Very easy to use.

BSATextSearch Utility to locate text strings in any type of file -- text files, Word files, binary files, database files, etc. If the text string exists in a file, BSATextSearch will find it. Allows wild-card or regular expression searches. Options to search zip archives, complex lists of files, and to search directories recursively.